• Strength Trips

    Experience Iceland in a unique way!

    Next date: 25th - 28th of September

    Early Bird offer until the end of August.

  • Travel to Iceland

    learn to lift like a true Viking


    Led by former World’s Strongest Man competitor and master trainer Jon Valgeir Williams, participants get to train with some of the world’s best power-lifters and strongmen.


    With training sessions and seminars with these awe-inspiring athletes at the world famous Jakabòl and Thor’s Power Gym.


    the majority of previous attendees smash many personal bests. But it's not all brawn and sweat... this is a super tour of one of the world's most awe-inspiring countries. Here's what you can expect...


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  • What you can expect in the

    land of the midnight sun

    An experience you won't forget and skills that will last a lifetime

    Friday 25th

    1. Go straight to Thors Power the gym by The Mountain himself one time Worlds Strongest Man. Where we will learn how to lift like Vikings.


    2.Dinner and experience at the amazing Viking Hotel in Hafnarfjordur.

    Saturday 26th

    1.Early wake up call and breakfast.


    2. Drive to Dritvik the black lava pearl beach.Where we will test our strength on the legendary stones of strength to see
    how we will coach you in the Strength trip it self. Amlodi 23kg ,Halfdraettingur 54kg ,Halfsterkur 100kg and Fullsterkur 154kg.



    3. Travel to the Husafells stone for the ultimate test of strength. Carry it around the pen like the farmers daughter did.


    4. Night out experience.

    Sunday 27th and Monday 28th

    1.Wake up call and breakfast.


    2.. Go straight to Jakabol the gym by Magnus Ver Magusson four times Worlds Strongest Man.


    3. Lunch at a traditional Sub Sandwich Hlollabatar.


    4. Then we travel to the Blue Lagoon for a relaxing soak in the mineral rich water.


    5. Grab a bite to eat


    6. Pay our respects at Jòn Pàll Sigmarssons Grave!


    7. Sleep and early wake up call to fly home on the 28th from Keflavik Airport.


  • meet the athletes

    JOn v Williams

    Strongman and Strength Trips founder

    An Icelandic viking living in UK, Jon started his career as a basketball player before becoming a strongman. An experienced athlete, and master trainer at Virgin Active Riverside in London, Jon's clients include the Norwegian Army. Jon will be your host and coach during the trip to Iceland.

    Stefan S0lvi Petursson


    Stefan has competed multiple times in the World's Strongest Man competition and was only 20 when he won Iceland's Strongest Viking. Despite being so young, his amazing energy and drive have allowed him to become a great strongman winning respect on the international stage.

    Audunn Jonsson


    A competitor in IPF powerlifting and strongman contests, Audunn has great numbers in the three powerlifting disciplines (squat, bench and deadlift), including a massive 300kg bench press. He's a compeitior who knows what he's talking about and is happy to share what he's learned.

    Magnus Ver Magnusson

    Four Times World Strongest Man

    Starting his career as a powerlifter, Magnus got invited to participate in the World's Strongest Man competition when Jon Pall Sigmarsson was injured and took home the trophy! He's since won the competition four times. He was Jon Valgeir's training partner for many years.


    Unnar Gardarsson

    Quad bike tour guide and strongman

    Unnar's quad biking company Óbyggdarferdir has been a great success thanks to his unique way of escort people into the heart of Iceland's spectacular highlands. His tours include visits to the the glacier/volcano Eyjafjallajokull and its surroundings. It really is the only way to see the country's wild beauty.


    Heidar Geirmundsson

    Highland Game Champion

    Heidar has won the Highland Games a phenomenal seven times.

    He has also participated in powerlifting and strongman competitions with successful results. Descended for a viking king,

    this athlete is a great character and

    all around nice guy.


  • Stats at a glance

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    1174 miles

    Distance travelled

    Kg 5840

    Lifted in a single session


    selfies taken


    Endorfin rushes


    Strong clients so far

  • How It Works

    In the land of the strong


    Down Payment

    To secure your spot on the 25th of September we require a deposit of £400.

    (Deposit can not be refunded after we have bought tickets,car rental and hotel.)


    Full Payment

    Enter your address and pay with credit, debit, or PayPal.


    Travel to Iceland

    We set up an experience that you wont forget and skills that will last you a lifetime.

  • Valgeir's Strength trip Payments

    Flights and meals are not included !

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    Early Bird Down Payment
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    Full payment
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  • Find your viking name

    To become the strongest version of yourself you must push your mind to a higher plateau and get into the spirit

    - in Iceland we call this ‘andi'.

    The first step on your journey to andi is finding your viking name.

    Male first names

    Take the first letter of your first name...

    A: Aeldiet – One who is of fire

    B: Baldr – Bold or brave

    C: Clotuali – A cold one

    D: Delling – One with a shining personality

    E: Eirik – a ruler who is strong and brave

    F: Floki – A heroic Viking

    G: Gartheride – The owner of a place

    H: Hrolf - Wolf

    I: Ingemur – A famous son

    J: Ólafur – ancestor’s relic

    K: Arnbjörg – Eagle rescue

    L: Leifur - heir

    M: Magnar – A mightly leader of the army

    N: Njáll – an old Iclenadic chieftan

    O: Oden – the dearest human being

    P: Pollered – a short haired man

    Q: Frey - lord and master

    R: Roar – a fighter of heaven

    S: Steinbjorn – rock bear

    T: Torhild – a thunder god

    U: Uigbiorn – war bear

    V: Vegard – protection

    W: Viggó - Lightning

    X: Kolur - Black

    Y: Ívar – Bow Warrior

    Z: Sören - Stern


    Female first names

    Take the first letter of your first name...

    A: Ásfriður – Divine beauty

    B: Brynhildur – armoured warrior woman

    C: Gudrun – secret knowledge

    D: Dagbjört - daylight

    E: Eydis – goddess of good fortune

    F: Fríða - peace

    G: Gunndís – battle maiden

    H: Helga - dedicated to the gods

    I: Ingibjörg –protection or castle

    J: Járnfríður – iron peace

    K: Ketilfríður – cauldron beautoful

    L: Lilija - pure

    M: Matthildur – mighty in battle

    N: Náð – grace/mercy

    O: Osk – longing or desire

    P: Petrún – from peter meaning stone or rock

    Q: Salka - princess

    R: Ragnbjörg – wise protector

    S: Svanhildur – swan bottle

    T: Thordis - woman of thor

    U: Urður – fate or that which happened

    V: Valgerður - ruler

    W: Valdis – goddess of the dead

    X: Snædís – snow goddess

    Y: Ylfa – female wolf

    Z: Saga – the seeing one


    ...Now find your surname

    A: Axe spine

    B: Bravewolf

    C: Skull Splitter

    D: Firebeard

    E: Eaglewing

    F: The fair

    G: Fear lord

    H: The stout

    I: Iron heart

    J: Iceblood

    K: Killer fist

    L: Lone dog

    M: The wise

    N: Night wolf

    O: Battle bear

    P: Strong lung

    Q: Sun child

    R: The red

    S: Stone born

    T: Thunder king

    U: The dreaded

    V: Witch-breaker

    W: Wave warrior

    X: Steel tooth

    Y: The bellower

    Z: Serpent tongue

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  • Reviews of the strong

    My clients are happy with their amazing experience in Iceland.

    Issa Berjoui

    “I can honestly say the StrengthTrip to Iceland was a once in a lifetime experience. It really changes your outlook on what you perceive strongman culture to be. Meeting the Mountain was great experience for any fan of the sport or Game of Thrones, such a humble man with a great team around him who are willing to help anyone, even novices such as myself. Cherries on top of the quad biking near the mountain and the relaxing dip in the blue lagoon were unlike anything I have experienced. From the fresh water of the lagoon to the sights you see while riding around the mountains. This trip is unlike any other.”

    Patrick Smith

    “if you are at all interested in weight lifting or training this is the equivalent of being invited by Roger Federer for a knock up on the centre court at Wimbledon.’

    James Crossley

    Great trip for strength enthusiasts looking to check out some amazing gyms and test themselves with ancient challenges.